Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum
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Lovely Accent Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree

A tree this gorgeous will take your breath away and make you and your neighbors say "Wow!" The Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree (Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood') is known for its ability to impress the whole neighborhood with its long-lasting fall color.

What's your favorite fall color? Red, orange, bronze-red, purplish-red, or anything in between? Well, you're in luck. The Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree offers all of these hues for nine months out of the year. This ornamental earns its keep with how exceptionally colorful it is.

In spring, this vibrant beauty erupts with vivid scarlet foliage. And it becomes more exciting as it becomes more and more fiery, eventually deepening to a wine-reddish purple tone. You may even win the neighbor of the year award because this Japanese Maple is sure to offer the brightest, longest-lasting fall color anywhere nearby.

This fast-growing tree is eager to show off its abilities. After this three-year-old tree arrives as your home, it will soar to new heights within just a couple years.

It will even conform to your standards of beauty and space. You can prune it back to keep it shapely. The best time of year to trim this tree is in fall right after its leaves have fallen off. If you want to keep it petite, trim a bit more, otherwise, watch it take on a lovely and even crown.

This plant becomes a conversation piece as a container specimen. Keep it by your door or where your walkway meets your driveway for an artistic effect. If you really want a conversation starter, keep it extensively trimmed to create a Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree bonsai.

The Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree may have light and airy leaves that dance in the breeze, but its branches are strong and grow in an intricate pattern. This tree remains marvelous all winter long with its fascinating branches that look stunning covered in snow.

Plant your hardy Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree in any soil type, even clay. It's not picky except it doesn't grow its best with water sitting around its roots. Because of its size and ability to thrive in shade, plant it under taller trees or close to your house. All it needs adequate water.

A favorite among landscape designers, the Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree is a remarkable ornamental tree with outstanding color. This gorgeous tree will add pizzazz to your yard and value to your curb appeal. Don't skip this one!

  • Vibrant fall color for three seasons
  • Easy to care for
  • Can be pruned to your liking
More Information
Botanical Name Acer palmatum
Mature Height 15 - 20 feet
Sun Exposure Partial Shade, Shade
Growth Rate Slow
Pollinator Required No
Growing Zone Range 5-8
Bloodgood Japanese Maple Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-8
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