Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Cornus florida
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Breathtaking and Bold Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree

How did the Cherokee Princess Dogwood (Cornus florida) earn its rightful title as a princess? First, this tree is stunning. Second, it's elegant. And third, it exhibits physical strength and strength of character. This tough tree is known for its abundant blooms that cover its branches in Spring. This tree has truly earned its reputation as one of the more breathtaking native trees in North America.

The Cherokee Princess Dogwood garners much adoration in spring when it dawns more blooms than most gardeners can fathom. These blooms are not just ordinary flowers. The unique green center is actually the flower, while the voluminous white petals are its bracts that open up around the blossom.

And boy does this tree know how to produce blooms! You may even think its winter for a moment when you first see this tree drenched in white blossoms.

You won't just love the Cherokee Princess Dogwood in spring. It offers excitement for every season! In summer its foliage sports a lovely yellow-green, but it soon transforms to a vibrant reddish-purple in fall.

I know what you're wondering "what else is remarkable about the Cherokee Princess Dogwood?" Well, it produces red winter berries that you may not find tasty, but the birds and other wildlife devour them. And when winter hits, you'll be able to enjoy this tree's soft gray bark.

Keep this princess happy with full sun or partial shade with moist, but well-drained soil. This pretty tree won't tolerate standing water.

The petite size of the Cherokee Princess Dogwood makes it ideal for most landscaping uses. You can plant it as a specimen or to add a bit of shade to your garden. It also works well in a woodland garden with other native plant species.

You won't regret adding the gorgeous tree to your yard. Plant, water, and watch the show.

  • Seasonal interesting winter berries & fall color
  • Extremely floriferous
  • Low-maintenance and easy to grow
More Information
Botanical Name Cornus florida
Mature Height 15 - 20 feet
Sun Exposure Partial Shade, Shade
Growth Rate Medium
Bloom Period Spring
Flower Color White
Pollinator Required No
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