China Girl Holly

Ilex x meserveae
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The Quick-Growing China Girl Holly

Known for its superior ability to keep your yard private, the China Girl Holly (Ilex X meserveae 'Mesog') is a great go-to as a privacy hedge or property line plant. This delightful bush produces fun berries that make it prized for its ornamental qualities. This female companion to the China Boy Holly is a must have for your yard!

This bush grows best with plenty of sun, so choose a sunny or partially sunny area to plant it. It performs best in well-drained soil with plenty of space to stretch its branches. This shrub has a dense and upright habit, and it spreads in an attractive rounded form. Like the China Boy Holly, it does best when protected from winter wind and sun.

To see your China Girl Holly prosper, water it regularly and often during its first growing season. This will help it build and maintain a healthy root system. It will take three years for this beauty to become fully established. At that time, you can cutback waterings to just during times of drought. This easy-to-grow plant is both heat-tolerant and cold hardy.

Once you choose the perfect use and location for your China Girl Holly, you can easily shape it to your liking. It responds well to trimming, so don't be shy.

This bush has great ornamental qualities and its red berries make it quite cheery. It has dark green, glossy leaves with pointed tips and midpoints. The glossy-green foliage takes to shearing and shaping well. Use this shrub as a shapely privacy hedge or as a garden accent. It even looks amazing as a specimen plant.

If you're ordering a China Girl Holly, make sure you pick up a China Boy Holly to keep it happy. And don't procrastinate, these plants go quickly

  • Red berries
  • Quick growing
  • Heat tolerant and cold hardy
More Information
Botanical Name Ilex x meserveae
Mature Height 6 - 8 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Shade
Growth Rate Medium
Pollinator Required No
Growing Zone Range 4-9
China Girl Holly Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-9
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