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Pinus mugo
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Dwarf Mountain Pine Mops Mugo Pine

This dwarf evergreen is ideal for compact spaces that need a burst of green all year round. The Mops Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo) is not just an ordinary dwarf variety. It is the perfect plant to add texture and architectural interest to compact gardens or tight spaces.

This versatile plant looks amazing plants as an evergreen border. It also looks stunning on its own as a specimen. It even looks great as an accent plant or as an addition to your rock garden.

The Mops Mugo Pine becomes more popular each year we offer it. People love this plant because it is highly adaptable. It may not have showy flowers, but its cones are quite attractive, and it won't fade during winter.

This hardy, carefree plant grows in a dense and symmetrical shape. It is naturally quite rounded but can be trimmed to make it even more ornamental and geometric. The Mops Mugo Pine grows best in full sun or partial shade and it thrives in urban environments.

This dwarf pine is covered in adorable dwarf pine needles. They're about 2-inches long and deep green. They always look lively and smell great!

It naturally grows on mountaintops, earning it its common name, the "dwarf mountain pine." Its native habitat also accounts for why this hardy evergreen will flourish in rocky soil without added nutrients. All it needs a bit of watering until it's fully established, and then you can cut back to the occasional watering.

The Mops Mugo Pine looks extremely attractive when trimmed into a compact ball-shape. So take out your shears and don't be shy. This also ensures this small plant doesn't overgrow its allotted space in your yard.

If you want a reliable evergreen that won't take up half your yard or half your day, you need a Mops Mugo Pine. Order one or more today and fill your winter with cute green pine needles and joy.

  • Dwarf evergreen
  • Grows well in rocky soil
  • Low-maintenance
More Information
Botanical Name Pinus mugo
Mature Height 2 - 3 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Slow
Pollinator Required No
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