Pink Dogwood

Cornus florida
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A Real Head-Turner Pink Dogwood

She enjoys dressing up, turning heads, and getting attention for all the right reasons. The Pink Dogwood (Cornus florida) doesn't take a day off, but that doesn't mean you need to spend your days maintaining this showy tree.

The Pink Dogwood is a true crowd pleaser. This lovely tree looks great no matter where you plant it. When spring arrives you, your neighbors, and passersby will all stop and stare at its magnificent showing of cherry-blossom-pink blooms. This tree is one of the first to bloom each spring.

This pleasant tree even offers a bit of mystery. Did you know its "pink petals" are really bracts? That's correct. The greenish yellow center of these 'flowers' are the real flowers and the pink petals are really false-petals.

The Pink Dogwood blooms before its branches even have a chance to grow leaves. This makes the vision of this blooming beauty even more spectacular. Its bare, pinkish branches eventually turn a deep rose-color. This creates a layered look of pinks and red.

What about the other seasons? The Pink Dogwood wouldn't leave you hanging. In summer it grows verdant green leaves that transform to a fiery red in fall. And during winter, you can examine its soft, peeling gray bark.

And this tree won't consume your time and energy like other divas. It enjoys almost any type of soil and grows well in full sun or moderate shade.

Once your Pink Dogwood arrives, you don't have to wait long to enjoy its spring display. It begins flowering when just three or four feet tall.

If you want the drama of seasonal color but not the drama of a high-maintenance tree, plant a Pink Dogwood. The only worry you'll have is how to keep your other plants from becoming jealous.

  • Interest every season
  • Berries for birds and other wildlife
  • A spectacular display of pink flowers
More Information
Botanical Name Cornus florida
Mature Height 15 - 20 feet
Sun Exposure Partial Shade, Shade
Growth Rate Medium
Bloom Period Spring
Flower Color White
Pollinator Required No
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