Spreading Densiformis Yew

Taxus x media
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Popular Dense, Spreading Evergreen Yew

Plants don't just become this popular by chance! Plants become gardener favorites because they're beautiful, easily cared for, add charm wherever they're planted, or disease resistant. The Densiformis Spreading Yew (Taxus x media) didn't become so widely admired for just one of these reasons. It became a garden star because it possesses all of these characteristics.

The Densiformis Spreading Yew can be found in residential gardens, commercial landscapes, and foundation plantings all over America!

This yew features vibrant green, petite needles that create a fun, fluffy appearance. When its foliage first emerges, it's bright green, but as it matures, it deepens to a deep, handsome green. The contrast of new and mature foliage gives the Dense Spreading Yew a dimensional effect.

Let it grow naturally, or you can always clip it back for a more refined and polished look, though.

With such a versatile plant, it can be difficult to figure out where it will look best in your landscape. Try using your Densiformis Spreading Yew as the background for bright and flowering annuals or shrubs.

It looks wonderful planted around tall trees or as a dense hedge. One of our favorite uses is planting a pair in containers for your porch or patio!

It will flourish in sun or shade. It can be your solution to those shady regions of the yard where other plants struggle. If you live in an urban area, this plant doesn't mind urban air conditions. It also isn't a rabbit's favorite. It even enjoys a bit of seashore breeze.

Densiformis Yew is a must-have for every landscape and yard. It is so versatile and easy to care for, you will surely be missing out if you don't order yours today.

  • Rich green color
  • Excellent hedge plant
  • Thrives in shady areas where other plants won't grow
More Information
Botanical Name Taxus x media
Mature Height 8 - 10 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Shade
Growth Rate Medium
Pollinator Required No
Growing Zone Range 4-7
Spreading Densiformis Yew Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-7
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