Consultation at Colonial Gardens

This service is by appointment and is a consultation to discuss your landscape needs at Colonial Gardens. A Colonial Gardens design professional will meet with you at our garden center and nursery areas to develop a scope of your needs for your desired project(s). We have two tiers for these consults. Please review the Bios of our experts and choose which tier level you would like to book. Tier 1 - Please bring photos of the areas to be designed as well as measurements and sun exposure. You will access to one of our experts for up to 1 hour to walk around and discuss different plant options and design ideas. You will be given a page to take notes and write down your ideas. Fee for this service is $100. Tier 2 - Same as Tier 1 but at the conclusion of the session you will receive an email with a detailed list of plants and ideas discussed with a conceptual sketch. Fee for this service is $200.

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