Apple, 4-1 Combination (1-01012400)

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Our bareroot trees are being stored in a refrigerated facility offsite. We will have bareroot pickups on weekends starting on April 6th. While supplies last – subject to availability
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We do not offer installation for Bareroot trees. We do however offer delivery. Please send an email to for pricing and information.
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Malus domestica 4-1 Combination

Four in One Grafted Cherry, Apple, Plum, Pear- Our Growers have created a wonderful solution for Urban Farmers, Orchardists, and Homesteaders alike with the “4 in 1” fruit tree in the fruit type of your choosing (meaning 4 types of apples per tree, four types of cherries per tree, etc)

First, we take scion cuttings from the most productive and most disease resistant fruit trees; then graft them onto the appropriate understock that share the same traits.

If you can only have one fruit tree of your favorite type of fruit, plant one of these! You will get 4 different varieties of Apples, Pears, Plums, or Cherries from one tree!

(Varieties will change with availability, but rest assured every “4 in 1” will be entirely self-fruitful, giving you consistent production

We do not offer a guarantee on bare root trees.