Peach, Canadian Harmony-CVI

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Our bareroot trees are being stored in a refrigerated facility offsite. We will have bareroot pickups on weekends starting on April 6th. While supplies last – subject to availability.
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We do not offer installation for Bareroot trees. We do, however, offer delivery. Please send an email to for pricing and information.
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Prunus persica 'Canadian Harmony'

Canadian Harmony Peach-

Tends to bloom later than some peaches, making it an excellent choice in areas where late frosts can kill your harvest.

It has large, red-blushed fruits that have a wonderful texture and are free-stone to boot!

A good multi-purpose peach, cold hardy, and disease resistant.

This semi-dwarf peach is self-fruitful, but crop size is increased by adding a different peach variety.

We do not offer a guarantee on Bareroot trees.